About Us

A&B Scaffold Engineering provides requisite metal scaffolding support, laying and building the foundation for towering skyscrapers, colossal constructions and state-of-the-art power plants.

A Singapore-born firm, A&B Scaffold Engineering offers a wide-range of comprehensive and safe scaffolding services which are curated especially for petrochemical power plants, commercial and industrial buildings. A&B Scaffold Engineering also incorporates the processes of designing, erecting and dismantling into our services.

Since its inception, A&B Scaffold Engineering has grown to become the preferred partner of numerous mega constructions, petrochemical and process industry projects. Through our passion and commitment, A&B Scaffolding Engineering has witnessed numerous landmarks come to life; bracing stratum after stratum of soaring architectural and engineering wonders.

Maya Balasubramaniam

Since its inception, A&B Scaffold Engineering has witnessed many edifices rise from the ground into skyscraper. We have supported the construction of key infrastructure, fueling the economy and making each completed project a success story to share. A & B has made its mark over the past years, growing from a mere home office of 4 staff to a workforce of 229 and two companies in the region today. I believe the company will continue to soar boundless horizons, scaling greater heights of success and securing major projects in the region with our ever-expanding team.

Our journey has not been smooth sailing always, but our success today has many people to thank. My mentor, my late father, always believed in my abilities to succeed and never failed to spur me on with his words of encouragement, when he was alive. Friends, partners, and our clients have placed their trust in my team and me. These are the people who have inspired me to fight for my vision. With your endless support, I believe A & B will continue to soar to higher grounds helping more clients to realise their goals.

Do not fear failure but
rather fear not trying.

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading partner for safe and efficient scaffolding solutions regionally.

Our Mission

Driven to provide high quality scaffolding solutions catered to our individual clients’ needs and requirements without compromising on safety in the Process & Construction Industry.

Our Principles

Achieve Beyond Expectations

We go the extra mile and focus on keeping our clients safe by granting them access into a safe worksite.

Build on Integrity

We go the extra mile and focus on keeping our clients safe by granting them access into a safe worksite.

Pursue Excellence

We go the extra mile and focus on keeping our clients safe by granting them access into a safe worksite.

Our Journey

A&B Scaffold Today

There is always a story behind every success and there’s no exception for A&B Scaffold Engineering. Having come a long way, we stand proud of our achievements and where we stand today.

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